My Top 5 Videos of 2013

I Think I Want To Kiss More Men

Innocence Mission Does Coventry Carol

St. Stephen, The Wren, & Unmerited Grace

Dad Teaches A Becoming Modesty

How I Almost Ruined Santa Claus For A Bunch of 5-Year-Olds

Doug Phillips' Patriarchy & The Easy Way

Spurgeon Cigar Heirloom

We Women Like Humiliation

Why I Unliked The Art of Manliness

BBC Says More Men Talking Like Valley Girls

The World Is A Fantasy World

Tolkien's Pistol Going On Display

Pope Gets Rugby

Why St. Nick Has Red Cheeks

Who Cusses, Who Says Thank You & Please

ThanksFest 2013 Poem: The God of Pumpkin Pie

If You Shave, The Kids Will Cry. Every Time.

Why We Use Birth Control (& Are Fruitful)

"Doing" Advent? Watch This Excellent Video On The Church Year

Graphic: Around The World In 80 Drinks

Effeminacy as Evasion

Dear Brother Who Takes Coffee Into The Sanctuary