My Top 5 Videos of 2013

These were the top videos I made in 2013. If you haven't enjoyed them yet, perhaps you will now. As you might imagine, tobacco and facial hair figured largely in them.

#5: Bad Guy Mustache In Grooming

In this one I promoted the use of the over-waxed "bad guy mustache" as a good way to train your mustache into shape.

#4: What Is It To Be A Man?

In this video I suggest that the doctrine of the Trinity is the key to knowing what it means to be a male man.

#3: One Trick To Grow An AMAZING Beard (Regardless of Length)

In which I reveal the one secret to great beard. It's simple and easy. It could be an online ad. Buy my video and your beard will grow to ten inches. Women will love you.

#2: Beard Discrimination & Man Discrimination

This one discusses how the non-bearded handle bearded awesomeness.

#1: 8 Good Reasons You Should Smoke A Pipe

And my number one video of 2013 was a paean to pipe smoking.