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I am the bearded husband of one woman and the powerful father of five children.

I am interested in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. I am interested in wine-colored Presbyterianism. I am interested in empowering beer-lovers everywhere. I am interested in good cigars. I am interested in the history of smuggling. I am interested in the banjo. I am interested in seeing what beers my sons will end up preferring. I am interested in the science of porch-sitting. I am interested in the crossover to the left hand. I am interested in life as aesthetic. I am interested in pick-up tackle football. I am interested in the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.

Here I discuss the human arts. My particular areas of manly expertise include, but are not limited to, the drinking of beer, the smoking of pipes, the playing of rugby, the recitation of poetry, the raising of children, and the loving of women.

Also, I am into the making of lists and the creation of litanies.

Get in touch with me here. I usually write back. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You should be Catholic. Check out Traditional Catholicism (http://www.fisheaters.com/) and G.K. Chesterton (http://www.chesterton.org/).

    1. So that you could lose any assurance you have in what Christ has done for you, and you can start to engage in the spiritual/religious ascendency project prescribed to you by the clergy, who is not doing what they tell you to do.
      Oh…and so that you can spend millions of years in Purgatory with all the other Catholic non-trusters in the completed work of Christ for the ungodly.

      That's enough…for now.


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