ThanksFest 2013 Poem: The God of Pumpkin Pie

The God of Pumpkin Pie

The beasts of the forest all thank God in chorus
For the acorns all strewn ‘neath the light of the moon.

The oak tree is king in the woods of the East,
Its roots reach down deep to the sky.
A flock of plump turkey passing through make their feast,
On thèm we’ll the same with a sigh!
We’ll eat turkey and pumpkin pie, my boys,
Turkey and pumpkin pie!

The boar roots and snuffles, the sow digs the truffles.
For the treats that they find they thank God who is kind.

The pigs whom we feed and tender our care
As in their wallows they lie,
Are sweetest of meat and súrpassing fair
When cured off the rib and the thigh.
So it’s ham and pumpkin pie, my boys,
Ham and pumpkin pie!

The beasts of the bog, the Boggart, the Frog,
And magical Man, how they love berry cran.

The woodpeckers, warblers, and wrens of the slew
Never thought in their time ‘neath the sky
To mix sweet and tart in a red gummy goo
That the Maker of all glorifies.
So it’s sauce and pumpkin pie, my boys!
Sauce and pumpkin pie!

The brewster or brewer, that fat barley stewer
Lifts hands up to heaven for grain and for leaven!

Of saints for all ales, either brewed or mirác’lous,
The church has never been shy.
Even good old Saint Nick, and Saint Arnold the maculate,
Praised our Gód for unending supply!
So it’s beer and pumpkin pie, my boys!
Beer and pumpkin pie!

You creatures of God, who dwell on the sod
You armies above, to your dread Lord in love,
From whom blessings flow to the high and the low:
Praise him who is great, praise him with our plates!

Our God gives pumpkin pie, my boys,
Our God gives pumpkin pie!