Top 10 Modern American Mustaches: #7 Geraldo Rivera

We all know that bearded men are liars and untrustworthy, which is why if you are a salesman you should not have a beard, so that no one knows you are a liar.

Mustaches, on the other hand, set a tone of trust, hence the porn 'stache and the slightly thinner and more elegant mol├ęstache. It is in view of this trustworthiness that #7 in our Top 10 Modern American Mustaches sports his 'stache: say hello to Geraldo.

 There's a little note of the previous Earnhardt and Spitz mustaches, but please observe where this mustache separates itself from the competition, jumping to #7 due to the merits of its sassy sweeping curve at the tips.

Oh, and there's this.