A Skeleton With A Penis

Look, my last two posts have had the word "penis" in the title.

So there's a thing out there called The Good Men Project. They're dedicated to being a "a community of 21st Century thought leaders around the issue of men’s roles in modern life". They're enlightened, you know. If you've heard of them, chances are it's through an article that went viral last week, entitled "Dear Daughter: I Hope You Have Awesome Sex". In it author Ferrett (real name) Steinmetz tells her to find "what you fucking love, and vice versa".

These dudes are classy.

The nice thing about enlightened men is that they're not rapey at all. Not obsessed with sex. Just really nice guys, you know.

Put 'er there, pal.
What happens to a man if you take away God?

There's not much left of him. Maybe his identity is simply that he's a provider for his family.

Wait, enlightened dudes are trying to be enlightened because they don't have that left anymore either.

Maybe they're protectors. Sentient watchdogs for their families, worth keeping around because unlike dogs, they can punch and use guns.

Nope, we eschew violence as well. I guess we enlightened men have only one masculine thing left. We'll just look at porn and find new ways to gain consent from women so we're not being all rapey. We're not supposed to be rapey, remember?

All this to say, read this excellent article at The Federalist by a man who looked into this Ferrett Steinmetz and his shenanigans. Not least of which are the Open Source Boob Project and TARDIS-themed glory holes. Way to be, bro. Way to be.