Whisker Wars Is On

Some of you will remember that I was a judge at a competitive Beard Team USA event a few months ago. It was awesome. Well, if you're into "competitive beard growing", here's a TV show for you: Whisker Wars. It comes out August 5th, but for the next few days episode 1 is available on Hulu.

I am tempted to grow a beard something like Phil Olsen's. I couldn't grow a free-flowing long beard, it would have a lot of body, a lot of cushion for the pushin', if you will. So maybe I'll stop trimming everything but the cheeks. Meanwhile: FIGHT!

Or click here for a list of Beard Team USA chapters. You can be involved to whatever degree you like...and quaffing a couple of beers whilst competing/spectating in a beard competition is a blast!


  1. this is awesome! i always wanted to grow a beard but im still a kid. there are some parts that dont grow. but one day i will
    thanks for the post!


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