The Possibilities of the Beard

To get a full idea of what's possible, BeardTeamUSA. And to think, the U.S. usually lags behind the Europeans in Beard World Cup events.

At all events, I recently had the honor of being judge for The Upstate & Classy Beard & Moustache Society's end-of-the-year bash (the Society is a Clemson University club, and spring is over). Never has my beard felt so insufficient, so...lacking.

I had the pleasure of judging Women's Fake Beards, Peachfuzz, Moustaches, Freestyle Beards, and Full Beards. What a blast. Here I am with fellow judge Bill Mitchell (right) and Freestyle winner Paul Roof (left) of The Holy City Beard & Moustache Society. Both are leading lights in the Southeastern, national, and even international beard competition scene.

At least I'm way bigger than them. And I'm wearing a better bow tie than either is wearing. Here's a video I made during the evening.