Intoxico Brews His Own

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I will gladly foster a friendship with you if you brew your own beer. Went down to Atlanta this weekend for the 2011 Southeastern YouTube Pipe Presenters Conference, which was as grand as it sounds.

Enjoyed some great times down there, gave gifts, received gifts, made some trades. One of the gifts was some homebrewed beer courtesy of PopeCrisco (who writes at Intoxico, a great beer review blog). In this video I enjoy one of the beers he gave me. And I keep it classy by smoking Black & Milds.


  1. Underfunded production or a the Movie Trailer?

    Got six gallons of IPA on it's second week. Will enjoy it will with Boswell's Northwoods in the coming month.

  2. That's just how I roll at 2am. Hard to go wrong with an IPA and Northwoods. Cheers!


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