A Useful List

Jamie brought a nice brown ale to our Easter celebration.
Well, sumer is a cumin in. I must sing beer. Who do I know who makes some?

There's John the teacher, been brewing for three years, hopefully coming off a break. I can probably score a good porter off of him.

There's Chris, the young gadabout. He's been brewing for five years, and he's good for any style I care for. And he kegs.

There's Erick the latin teacher. He makes an incredible dry mead from local honeys.

Andy is probably good for a bottle or two of his sweet honey wine this summer.

Jamie the bureaucrat/marathon runner I can probably score a porter or pale ale off of. I just have to make sure we're at the same party.

Tim and his crew down in Anderson county keg some beers occasionally, I need to see what they're up to.

All this to lead to fundamental self-examining question: have you cultivated the right relationship?


  1. It sounds like a well planned summer! Cheers to beers!


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