Ryan RoosterBeard

I have undertaken a great task for thy sake. Actually, 't'would only be a great task if I weren't so shameless. For thy sake and for the sake of this thy blog that thou readest, I approach strangers that I might photograph them for my blog on manliness, and feel no shame if rebuffed (as I was at a baseball game recently).

This is Ryan. He was lunching at the same pizza place as I, and I asked him if he would allow me to take a picture. "Hey, I've got kind of a creepy question for you." It's always worth asking, as it was for the old man smoking at the gas station. Turns out we have a mutual friend, an obnoxiously dedicated and loyal fan of the Georgia Bulldogs; Ryan is a South Carolina Gamecock, and I a Florida Gator (these are all Southeastern Conference teams, the manliest conference in American football, which deserves a later post of its own).

You might wonder who Ryan is attempting to look like. Well, I've got an idea. Look below, and take special note of the excellent beard. Go Cocks!