Archetype At The Gas Station

On the way to church this morning we ran into a perfect older man. I asked for permission to take his photo, saying that I am part of an online pipe smoking community. He cheerfully acquiesced, and we talked briefly. Ecce homo:

It is felicitous for this new blog on manliness that I ran into this guy so early in the blog's life. Here's what I know about him:
  • has been smoking a pipe for 12 years, so it's a later-in-life thing for him; he inherited the pipe from a friend.
  • is married/still wears a ring.
  • covered in tattoos.
  • his old Cutlass Ciera had a handicapped tag under the front mirror, and a U.S. Army sticker on the rear windshield.
  • missing a few teeth; smiled easily when I spoke to him; full of diginity.
  • the second thing I noticed, after the pipe, was that he was packing. He carried a handgun openly holstered at his hip (as in most American states, only concealed weapons are illegal without a permit).
Truly, this dude was epic. I'll update this post later with a video for the Joffrethegiant channel.


  1. You left off an important bullet point: He was smoking at a gas station. If you are unsure why this is a potential danger, go (re)watch Zoolander. :)


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