Homemade Pasta Is Manly

The first weekly poll has ended. The question was "Which culinary act is manlier?", and the options were "baking a cake from scratch", "serving turkish coffee", "making a salad with exotic ingredients", and "making homemade pasta".

Overwhelmingly (65%) favored "making homemade pasta", and "serving turkish coffee" came in second at 26%. So there you go, apparently making a salad, despite my post below, isn't sufficiently manly. Actually, I cast my vote for pasta as well.

So I've posted a video of two dudes named John and Uncle Bill preparing a recipe of homemade pasta. It's really a worthwhile effort, and if you want to define being manly as "doing things the hard way" (which isn't an unreasonable definition), then you don't even need the little pasta press they use at the end. And the recipe is still manly, even if Uncle Bill learned the recipe from his mom. That makes it extra-manly (really).

Gnocchi, a sort of pasta potato dumpling, is my favorite pasta to make by hand, and there are some great recipes online.


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