Avocado & Tomato Salad

We Swaits make a variation on tomato and avocado salad that turns out to be quite popular with our little crowd of church family, friends, and hangers-on. Sunday dinners especially, we love to roll in with a huge bowl filled with many tomatoes, a few avocados, an onion or two, maybe a little garlic, and a little olive oil and rice vinegar. Oh, so good.

I used one avocado and four Roma tomatoes. Choose firm tomatoes, the avocado will provide plenty of mushiness. Avocado is so rich in fat and protein and vitamins that you won't need to have anything else for lunch. If you're looking to feed a bunch of people, just blow the recipe up.

Slice the Romas lengthwise into quarters, and slice the onion into half-rings, the thinner the better.

Choose avocados that are still firm, but definitely give when you squeeze. Slice the avocados in half, then twist so that you can separate the halves without destroying anything.

I usually take the half with the seed and hold it upside down while squeezing at the tip and bottom. The seed should drop out without much coaxing. Or you can half the half, as pictured below.

Place the avocado halves upside down, and half them again. Peel the skin back with your fingers, pulling the avocado into your salad bowl. Go ahead and be messy about it, part of the fun of this salad is having little chunks of avocado and avocado sliminess everywhere. Once you add olive oil and vinegar, it will be like having a creamy salad dressing, but with wonderfully healthy avocado instead of a strange and heavy dairy concoction.

Toss everything into the bowl, olive oil, rice vinegar (slightly sweeter than wine vinegar), salt and pepper. You won't need much oil, be careful. Stir it all up, allowing the avocado the coat everything. The texture of this beautiful meaty fruit is such that the salad will be coated in creamy fruit, without the over-heavy flavors of a creamy salad dressing.


  1. This one is a Cordova favorite! Tony was asking me to replicate it on the drive back from our last visit.

  2. Another method of pitting avocados (for persons with reasonable dexterity):

    Once you've sliced the fruit in half, take a broad-bladed knife (chef, santoku, etc.) and swing the blade into the center of the seed. Twist the knife-blade upwards, and the seed will pop out.

    Love dem avocados.


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