What To Do When The Wife Hates The Beard

You grow a face caterpillar that Tom Selleck would look upon with approval, and your wife thinks it's ugly. What is more, the idea of kissing you has suddenly become repulsive to her. Scratch that. YOU have become repulsive to her.

What are you to do? Obviously, you're not going to shave the lip mane. Well, at least not right away.

Instead, to bring your wife around to loving your love bush, you must exercise three virtues:

1. Patience
2. Charm
3. Compromise

Also, you probably can't say anything if she decides she doesn't want to shave her legs.

It's all here in this video.


  1. Wash it with shampoo and use a good conditioner so its not so scratchy. New beards are scratchy, they do smooth out eventually, but it takes time. DON'T put aftershave or cologne on it, because it's suffocatingly strong when kissing.


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