The Gospel Is Many Things, Who Can Do Them?

The Gospel is one thing, but it is many things.

The Gospel is the annunciation of the Kingdom. It is the advent of the Kingdom. It is the conquest of the Kingdom. It is the deliverance of the Kingdom.

The Gospel is the keys to the Kingdom.

As the old English nursery rhyme has it, this is the key of the kingdom. In that kingdom there is a city. In that city there is a town. In that town there is a street. In that street there is a lane. In that lane there is a yard. In that yard there is a house. In that house there is a room. In that room there is a bed. On that bed there is a basket. In that basket there are some flowers. Flowers in a basket, basket on the bed, bed in the room, room in the house, house in the yard, yard in the lane, lane in the street, street in the town, town in the city, city in the kingdom. Of that kingdom this is the key.

This is a big life in a bigger Kingdom. It's hard to deal with the scope and size and variety. So much is happening at once. One could be tempted to think that proclaiming the Gospel is a thing for a few gifted ones, or a few well-placed ones. But proclaiming the Gospel is not far from you. It is at hand, and in your heart, that you may do it.

Be faithful, and be friendly. Make things and share them. Be modest and generous. Christ sends you his Holy Spirit to make it possible.

How many times have you heard "relationship evangelization" or "doing life" as a rationalization for why you fail to proclaim, or a capitulation to how you already live your life? This is not that. I am telling you right now that you must proclaim the Gospel, and that it is hard work, but that you can do it. God gives you the power. Go, eat with joy thy bread, and drink with a glad heart thy wine, for already hath God been pleased with thy works.

Do not be overwhelmed by the city and the town and the street and the lane and the yard and the house and the room and the bed and the basket and the flowers. In our Father's house there are many many rooms. Go where you must and live your life as Gospel, that where you are there he may also be.