Best Comments of 2016

Wth, what kind of Christian are you.
guy whose avatar is the poop from South Park

You have found the ideal hamburger, of which Plato dreamed and of which all other burgers are mere shadows?

Is it awesome sauce? I'm not sure.
The Specialist Piper

This is awesome and terrible. Examining my own life now.

im enjoy the thunder raspberry right now bubba and i the happy
iron sheik
(the comment was about snus, but what does that matter? It's beautiful regardless of object.)

"Total abandon" made me think of 12 kids and counting. I just can't. Maybe five. Heck, maybe six.
GoldRush Apple

That's like asking someone to define Federal Vision.

Eating my lunch and watching old Joffre the Giant videos, remembering the halcyon days of 2012/13.

There are few things more ruggedly authentic than The Eagles backed with a symphonic string arrangement.

I'm amused by the [men] who use a knight for an avi, but talk about women like drunk frat boys.

Sounds like they have both invited Kant into their hearts.

Alas, fallen world -- fallen burgers.

I often struggle to understand you, but i always thought it was because I can't see your lips.

Aeneid is Scripture From True Gods all unlike the acts book crap wake up fool.
Conor Henderson

(I also did one of these in 2014.)