Thursday, October 20, 2016

Poem: Curse of Womb

Curse of Womb
Hosea 9

Our friends' necks
Are outstretched,
Our neighbors
Plot against us.
They have served
Their belly-
God of fire,
Coming down
From killing
Their babies.
They tip off
Kindly seize
Our children.
Where is he.
Thunder is
His voice but
Where is he?
Of horses.

Their dust shall
Cover us.
Our walls shake
At the noise
Of horsemen,
Of chariots.
I make thee
He said that.
Is smitten,
From the birth,
From the womb,
Even from
Like a bird
Our glory
Flies away.

To Baal-Peor
Wanton rites,
To Moloch.
We bring up
Our children,
But it's he
Bereaves us.

We bring forth
Our children,
Planted in
Pleasant place,
To murders.
Give us, Lord.
What wilst give?
Womb, dry breasts.
Root's dried up,
Bear not fruit.
We bring forth,
He will slay.
Even fruit,
Fruit of womb.

Kindly seize
Our children,
Voice is heard
In Ramah,
Belly god
Consumes them
Because us,
Because we
Climbed the heights,
Sacred trees,
And played whore.

Our friends' necks
Plot against us.
We shall be
Among them
The nations
Till he save
Till he save
Till he save
And saves us.

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