Come Discover the Beauty of Brazilian Favelas!

This has shown up in my Facebook feed more than once. I guess Facebook's analytics figured out that I might visit Brazil sometime soon (I live in Brazil); is probably ecstatic with how well their targeted advertising is working.

Brazil is a beautiful country, full of many incredible places worth visiting, from waterfalls to wetlands to food trucks and fabulous city culture.

The ad above includes a wonderful highlight that you should include in your poverty-tourism: checking out a Brazilian favela. So romantic, so real. People with simple lives are happy people. Rousseau and Thoreau said so.

Below are some photos I collected of favelas, to encourage you in your condescending white-bread visit to the sexiest place on earth. Yep, you'll be contributing to the dignity of people's lives by spending your money there, and you'll definitely be getting an authentic favela experience. Nothing fake and processed for our American friends. Even the sex trade here is legit, i.e. super-authentic.

"Discover a Brazilian favela."

No, seriously, go ahead and discover a Brazilian favela. It definitely won't be bizarre, condescending, or exploitative in any way.