Veritas Press Art History Pinterest Board

All five of the kids are participating to one degree or another as Kimberly teaches through Veritas Press's History of Art class. I think it's designed for sixth grade, but Kimberly modifies it for each of the kids, and sets up lots of art projects for the kids to do as well.

The flash cards that come with this class are amazing, by the way. Which won't surprise you, if you know Veritas; those dudes are all about the cards, after all. Unlike Bible or History or Latin, however, pictures are crucial in an art history class, and Veritas delivers.

Know who else delivers? The wife. I had no idea until today, but she's set up a Pinterest board to accompany the History of Art (find it here). She adds things as she goes, and they've just now reached early Christian and Byzantine, so much more will be added.

Kimberly studied fine arts her whole life, until she bound her destiny to mine. Now she makes art and teaches it to our younglings. And other people's kids, sometimes. So Kimberly adds extra projects for the kids and mixes examples of certain techniques into her Pinterest boards that are departures from the history part of the class, but are still totally relevant.

All this to say, whether you're doing Veritas's History of Art, another program, or just your own art history thing, you should check out her board. Some pretty cool stuff. I'm just sad for you that you'll not get to hear her explain mosaic techniques or brush strokes.