"Post-Modern Values Are Just A Construction" & Men Are In Trouble

This Danish journalist claimed that secular humanism just doesn't work, that Europeans men are soft and irresponsible, and that there needs to be a masculine revolution. The interviewer was not happy about all this, sticking with the ol' trope of let's pretend that a problem doesn't exist because it shouldn't exist.


  1. I love it when the interviewer said, "But shouldn't women not have to worry about being raped?" and the Danish journalist replies, "Well, I think we have to look at reality."

    Well, yes, in a society of masculine men, the women shouldn't have to worry (as much) about being raped. Unfortunately, the men have crawled away into the corner and the predators are free to ravage whatever women they please. But, you know, if we just make those rapists feel welcome, you know, truly welcome, they won't want to rape our women, right?

  2. That line is so tiresome: "shouldn't women be able to do what they want/ go where they want?" Well yes, obviously. Because we are made for heaven and live as fallen people in a fallen world. Children shouldn't starve and people shouldn't die of disease and be gassed by their own governments either. But these things happen. No use putting your head up your but. You don't live in a perfect world. Protesting that it shouldn't happen isn't going to work. It *is* happening. What are you going to do about it?

    Now if the rest of Europe and America would wake up and realize what this Danish lady realized...

  3. Of course in an ideal Society women shouldn´t have to fear being raped or harrassed. But then we are not living in an ideal Society. We don´t even need any refugees for women being in danger.
    But the thought of men Standing up for women seems to be Anathema These days. :(


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