Meanwhile In Canada... (When Infanticide Is Not Murder)

Meanwhile in Canada...

According to the CBC the Crown is going to the Supreme Court to revisit the case of Meredith Borowiec, a Calgary mother who killed at least two of her babies. 
Three years, three babies.
They were all placed into garbage bags by their mother while still alive, and thrown away with the trash in a dumpster just steps from her home.
It would be the third baby — found alive by his father in 2010 — who would prompt a police investigation leading to the discovery that two others had died previously in similar situations.
On Wednesday, the Alberta Crown will ask the Supreme Court of Canada to overturn Meredith Borowiec's infanticide convictions and order a new trial on the charges she originally faced of second-degree murder.
It is the first time Canada's highest court will examine the country's infanticide law. The Alberta government will argue the wording of the law is vague, outdated and leaves too much room for new mothers to kill their babies, no matter their moral culpability.
The article linked to above includes a brief but interesting history of infanticide laws in the British commonwealth, and is worth reading.

But complex history or not, let's be clear: you can kill your own baby and face a maximum penalty of five years. Because it's infanticide, not murder.

And of course, for every baby left in a refuse dump, many thousands are being vacuumed and shredded out of their wombs. Much less obscene, because it's done behind the scenes. Wait, what does obscene mean again?

It's so fun when humanists can't bring themselves to support the infernal logic of their own beliefs. But I suppose I'm glad they hang on to some concept of the imago dei, because if they hadn't, I suppose they'd be coming to kill me too right now.

Are you fighting baby killing? Why not?