I Admitted It. I Like Chocolate.

Today I sent my wife a message. I apologized for all the years I so vociferously and promiscuously claimed that I didn't like chocolate. Because today I ate a piece of chocolate and I loved it. I've been traveling and eating only what I've bought for myself or ordered, so I can say with confidence that I have eaten no chocolate in the last month. I have not craved chocolate or wanted chocolate. I haven't given chocolate a thought. And then my granddaddy handed me a piece of chocolate with hazelnuts and it was so delicious.

This moment of pure unaffected chocolate enjoyment forced me to face a truth about myself I've been denying, but that my wife has been aware of for a long time. "I don't like chocolate", I would say, then dig out the M&Ms stash and eat them all at 2 a.m. "I don't like chocolate", I would say, as I ate my wife's last Dove bars. or as I unwrapped a block of baking chocolate.

By their deeds you shall know them.

And please understand, my fellow fellows, that I never lied about it. I wouldn't even say that I lied to myself. I'm still having trouble processing this epiphany of mine. I'll never be passionate about chocolate. I'll never crave chocolate. But I like chocolate, and I've faced it.

Emotion and ideals blinded me. I'm sorry for lying to you all.