Four Minute Presentation On Why Your Boys Should Study Arts & Athletics

Okay, so it's not actually one presentation. Here we have three short videos showing the evolution of mens sana in corpore sano.

There are a boatload of really cool videos on YouTube of Samoan schoolchildren beginning their days singing hymns. The text to this video said: Samoan Children singing at a school assembly. "SAMOA MUAMUA LE ATUA!" Which translates to "SAMOA PUT GOD FIRST!" Please note that the young person leading this exhuberant display is a boy, wearing a skirt, 'cause that's how Samoans do.

Samoans love their sports, and they especially love their rugby. They are famed for the aggression with which they play. They also like to dance and sing before they play. Make no mistake, Christian parents, men are violent creatures. Like their God, who cast the dragon down from heaven and made the earth shake. Which is why men are also beautiful. But what is aggression without God, without the Lord of the Dance, without the music of Ainur?

If your boys are brought up to love strength and to love beauty, maybe, just maybe, they will be able to praise God like Samoan rugby players praise God.

The education of your sons will not be whole if they are not taught to exult in the strength God has given them. Nor will it be complete if they are not taught to use those strong bodies to make beautiful things for the glory of God. Education is more than books. It is strength and beauty. Give them athletics. Give them art.