Rep. Cummings Launches Investigation of Daleiden's CMP

According to this article at The Hill, Maryland representative Elijah Cummings (D) is today launching an investigation into the Center for Medical Progress, the organization behind the Planned Parenthood sting videos. He has already sent them a demand that they provide documentation to prove that they broke no laws. 'Cause, you know, even sting operations have to gain the consent of the investigands.

Not only is he demanding of CMP that they prove their innocence when it comes to exploiting helpless abortionists, he is also suggesting that they have been abusing their legal position as a nonprofit because, you know, nonprofits don't have agendas. We all know that.
"The group has also been asking for donations as a nonprofit charitable organization for the last two years, which Cummings said contrasts with its current self-identification as a group of citizen journalists."
Activist civic media and reporting projects existing as 501c3s. Whoever heard of such a thing? (That's six links, in case you weren't counting.)

So everybody except CMP gets to be a nonprofit. Or maybe they're being punished for using the word "charity". We wouldn't want any love to be shown by a nonprofit.

What motivates such a man? What on earth could be driving him?

Oh, oh, right.
"The Maryland Democrat launched his probe into the group shortly after the GOP leaders of the House Oversight Committee announced they would be investigating Planned Parenthood."
That's why.

Simple enough, and three cheers for you, sir. You've threatened to put David Daleiden on the stand, and I think that would be fantastic news for pro-lifers. Keep him and Planned Parenthood in the news, just as we're trying to do. God bless you, sir. And if any of your colleagues suggest that having Daleiden testify might be a bad idea, please ignore them. You just go on and do what you do.

Postscript: says that Holly O'Donnell is not to be trusted, because she "violated a confidentiality agreement by stealing confidential documents from StemExpress and giving them to the CMP". Whatever you do, don't call her a whistleblower. That is reserved for people who violate confidentiality agreements in support of causes the Jezebelites and Death Eaters approve of.

So, just to be clear. You're a whistleblower only if you are a pagan. And you're a non-profit only if you're a heathen. Get it? Got it? Good.


  1. Check out this list to find a PP Protest in your area.

    1. Thanks, brother. Already planning on hitting the one in our town this Saturday.


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