Presidential Medal of Freedom For David Daleiden? This Is The Guy Who Made Planned Parenthood Videos!

The Fox News/Facebook Republican Presidential Debate will take place this Thursday, August 6. That's only three days from this posting. I want to encourage you to blast @megynkelly @BretBaier and @FoxNewsSunday with requests to put the following question to all the Republican candidates:

"If elected president, will you promise to award the Medal of Freedom to David Daleiden, the man behind the undercover Planned Parenthood videos?"

Let 'em chew on that, y'all. Defunding or no, let the battle continue. Pour into the breach and keep the enemy on the back foot. Use hashtags #DavidDaleidenMofF #MedalofFreedom #DavidDaleiden and #FoxNewsDebate. Use Twitter's mobile video function to post 10-second videos asking the question. Push on social media anyway you know how.