Sexual Violence & Your Brother's Heart

I witnessed a Twitter kerfuffle in which a (obnoxious) man claimed to the woman he was arguing with that her husband and every other man on earth had had rapey thoughts. I decided to talk about men, sexual sin, sexual violence, and sins of the heart. For twenty minutes.

Join me on a magical YouTube journey.


  1. This calls to mind C.S.Lewis who wrote at one point:
    "the sin in question is one of the two (gambling is the other) which I have never been tempted to commit."
    Here we have to recognise that there ARE sins that some of us are not even tempted to commit. And by the grace of God there are some of which I too can say that. And how then can we not be happy when there are brothers and sisters that have not COMMITTED them?
    And again thinking of Lewis who talked of the feeling of "I-am-as-good-as-you" (in this case the variant of "you-are-as-bad-as-me) being the downfall of democratic societies.


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