New 50 Shades from Christian's Point-of-View

I got an email today from a reader who mentioned that he was getting ads for Fifty Shades of Grey on my site. This showed a remarkably clean conscious, since he was clearly certain that the ads were not the result of his browsing patterns. But he wasn't telling me anything new. I broke the news on Twitter a while ago. I mean, this was definitely worth talking about.

And now even more exciting news breaks. Twitter is trending a new topic: Fifty Shades from Christian's perspective.

I've set a challenge for myself. Before ol' whatsername can get her book of her writing desk and into the publisher's hands, I'm going to beat her to it. I can do it better and faster, of that I'm confident.

Ready. Set.


Fifty Shades of a Christian's Perspective

He was a jerk, and I never went out with him again.

The end.

Done. Writing from a Christian's perspective is easy!

Also, I've made darn sure that from now on, you'll all have to look at Fifty Shades ads on this here blog. Enjoy.