Giant & Wife Talking Date Night

So wifey and I have decided to do a few videos together over on the ol' YouTubes channel. We recently did one on raising boys, and we have several more in the pipeline.

Today we decided to tackle date night. You know, that special time once a week or once a month or once a year when you finally manage to get out of the house together and all the pressure is on to have all the funs all at once, because, you know, last chance to have fun ever!

It's easy to feel a little pressure to have the perfect night every time you go out, especially if you're the wifey and your date represents the first time all week you've made it out of the house without the kids. Let us eat and drink and paint the town red, for tomorrow we mow the lawn and take the kids to soccer.

After a couple of disastrous dates we developed our own philosophy of date night. Perhaps you will find it helpful.