Christian Dipshits Subject Of New Study; Non-Dipshits Freaking Out

Let's have a little lexical fun.

Listed below are several First Things articles written about dipshits. But of course, a classy publication like First Things wouldn't use such a word. I substituted the word dipshit for another term.

So here's our little game: what word did they actually use? Five headlines, five chances. And...go!

What Is Marriage to Evangelical Dipshits?

Dipshit Religion & The Sovereign Self

A Dipshit Penchant For Democratic Socialism?

For Dipshits, Parenthood Trumps Marriage

The Career Goal of Dipshits: Work That Is Fun, Flexible, Facebook Fodder

So, did you guess it? Yeah, you probably did. After all, you're no dipshit. That's right, the word that dipshit replaced is "millennial".

Try it for yourself, now. Every time you see the word millennial in headlines from now on, plug in the word dipshit in its place. It will make you a calmer, happier person, and one who is much more patient with this generation. They're not all dipshits.

Just the ones who are ashamed of the Gospel.


  1. Pre-dipshit. a-dipshit, post-dipshit. Say, that IS strangely satisfying.

    1. Friend, that is golden. #datdipshit

  2. Lolz. I'm technically born in the time-frame that would make me one of the older dipshits. But, not being raised in the good 'ol US, I don't have any of the markers of the dipshits. I count myself lucky.

    I shall remember to do this when I deal with these kids. Incidentally, this helps me when dealing with the support base of a certain political candidate. What cracks me up is when they try and sound like they are not supporting him because the are entitled. And all the things they list are #firstworldproblems. Woe is me I am so entitled. Them dipshits.


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