Dad Joke Duel Honors Dads

"I feel like ice cream."

"That's funny, you don't LOOK like ice cream."

Ah, dad jokes. Love 'em. The incompetent doofy dad meme is very, very tiresome, but somehow dad joke jokes manage to escape the tiresomeness. Perhaps because dad jokes are like comfort food. No one makes tuna casserole or mac and cheese for a special night, or orders it at a restaurant. But whenever you have the chance to eat some, you feel happy and content afterward.

Dads can be doofy. Even the ones who are awesome at their jobs. ESPECIALLY the ones who are awesome at their jobs. And as long as we understand that being doofy doesn't make them an Al Bundy or Phil Dunphy, this is something to be honored and enjoyed.

So rock on, dad jokesters. Rock on.