Be Astonished & Lay Your Hand Upon Your Mouth

Wherefore do the wicked live, become old, yea, are mighty in power? Their seed is established in their sight with them, and their offspring before their eyes.

Yesterday I posted a link to a tweet from a real honest-to-goodness reporter reacting to Ted Cruz' speech announcing his candidacy for the presidency. This was that tweet:
My brothers, be astonished and lay your hands upon your mouths. This is Calling Good Evil & Evil Good 101. If rights be man-made, let us simply call them laws. Rights as legislated, not as natural.

I came across this video yesterday.

In this video CNN presenter Chris Cuomo tell Roy Moore, “Our rights do not come from God, your honor, and you know that. They come from man. That’s your faith, that’s my faith, but that’s not our country. Our laws come from collective agreement and compromise.”

"And you know that." Really? A man who believes that man is created in God's image believes that man's dignity comes not from God but from human consensus?

Make no mistake. We all worship a god. Moore, whether you like him or not, worships the God of Jesus Christ, of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, of the Bible. Cuomo lays out his priorities pretty straight-forwardly, if disingenuously. Your faith and my faith, sure, but we must all bow...before Our Country. The State is Cuomo's god, and any discussion of human rights must spring from the flowing teat of the State.

Never mind that we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

And now we are astonished, and lay our hands upon our mouths, because we see that the wicked prosper. And we know what happens then. Injustice. Oppression. Destruction. And finally, slavery.

Pray for mercy.


  1. Our century-and-a-half-long State-led reeducation of American into "skilled workers" is finally paying the sort of dividends that the early 20th century society-manipulation-behaviorists hoped it could. We've come to believe that argument is nothing more than gainsaying and appeals to non-sequiturs, ad-populems, and category-errors. Welcome to the world of Romans 1, where everyone gets what they want; welcome to a society with a being-for-death (Proverbs 8:36).

  2. What draws me to your blog and your content Joffre is that you have eyes to see and ears to hear; there are so scarce a few that actually do. You hear what lies these wicked have to spread, and you see what evil is doing; it's growing. The wicked feasts upon its own flesh in order to gain footing in this world, and that requires much sacrifice. We're seeing the last days coming, and it's about to rear its ugly head. Soon, many will have their fixation on a power as though it enacts the powers of God himself; a collaborated effort dictated by those who are wicked. These political and social games are fine distractions, but soon no one will be able to deny that a power game is at play. Which side will everyone choose? Everyone: Keep your crowns on your head and don't surrender yourselves to this oncoming darkness.


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