Why Should Christians Study Classics Such As The Aeneid?

In which I wear a sweet sweet SWEET beret and Wes Callihan wears a dignified beard. If you want to know more about these guys check out Roman Roads Media.


  1. Would you recommend certain literature about classical education? I would like to learn more about it.
    Thank you for the video share.

  2. I do not know too much about classical education, but the little I do know makes me really excited. It sounds like an awesome way to do things. Much less disjointed and focused on vital skills acquisition. The college sophomores and juniors I teach often can't even write coherent sentences. Much less present logical, well thought out arguments. They would have been well served by learning logic and rhetoric in middle and high school.

    I think I would rather have a student that had no chemistry background, but who knew how to learn, reason and write, than a student who passed AP chemistry but didn't know how to think.

    I think the PCA's Sunday school curriculum is structured this way. I teach 1st and 2nd graders, and I really enjoy using their materials.

    I will definitely do more research on classical education.


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