Morning Cheer

We are definitely not one of those everyone-up-at-the-same-time families, nor are we a family that is efficient in its morning ablutions and preparations. We all just kind of stumble out of bed within a certain hour range and start to get going. L'il Joffre usually makes breakfast, but otherwise there's not much rhyme or reason to our mornings. The same kid who's up and dressed and homeschooling himself at 6:30 one day will stumble out of bed after 8 the next, stretching and groaning. (My wife is reading this over my shoulder and wants you to know that she starts homeschooling faithfully by nine.)

I wake up cheerfully, but I am either out of the house as the first kids are rising, or I am sleeping in. I don't do in between. And wifey is not a morning person. At all.  Which is why what I'm going to tell you is such a miracle.

One of the things I love about my home is that universal "good mornings" fly around as people start to get out of bed. I'm not sure how it happened, but there's no "hey" or "hi" or "mumblemumblegroan". It's always "good morning" when someone emerges for the first time; you can hear, as the kid moves downstairs into the bathroom and then the kitchen and the living room, the series of cheerful greetings.

I'm trying to say that my kids are great. Thanks, kids!

Even little Mara is in on it. Can you picture how adorable it would be to be greeted by a "good morning" from this little girl every day?


  1. I love you, Mara! You are helping me to start my day with a smile :-) Go feed the animals on your fridge -- they are sooo hungry!! // Shh.. It is 10:30am and we haven't started school yet!! (Electrician is fixing my kitchen light and we are kicking a path for him :-))


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