Jen & Joffre Q&A: Homeschooling & Culture Discussion

My sister and I both were homeschooled as children, and homeschool our kids today. Our kids may still be young, but we've been around the home education block. We weren't forged in the crucible of the 80s early homeschooling movement, but we were tempered in the awkward heat of the 90s, as homeschooling began to mainstream. And we have come through the fires with wisdom to share with the homeschoolers of 2015.

We decided to kick off this series of cooperative YouTube videos with a general discussion of homeschooling. We chatted about our backgrounds, our families, social perceptions of homeschooling, and why we chose to homeschool.

You can find my sister's blog at The Sweet Plaintain.

I hope you enjoy our discussion. And leave some comments either here or on YouTube, we'd love to get some ideas for follow-up videos from you guys.