How Chris Evans Taught Me About Deeds of Love & Mercy

A couple of days ago I posted a gif showing a viral moment in which actor Chris Evans, who is Captain America, stood up at an awards show and offered his arm to Betty White as she walked up to the stage.

My initial reactions when I first read about it and watched the video were not pure. My very first thought was that Evans was a publicity hound and a show-off. My second thought was that he'd done a good thing, regardless of motivation. My third thought was to be ashamed that I'd hated on someone for doing something good. An order of events that only served to shine a little light on a dark corner of my heart.

There is a dark thing in all of us that wants to drag others down. And there is a dark thing that wonders what others think of us before it thinks of God's will.

Do you ever not do the right thing because it's embarrassing or dorky or looks like the wrong thing?

Pour yourself a cup of coffee. Chat with me about it. Maybe drop a comment below after watching.