Touch, Sensuality, & God As Revealed In Cup Choice

I'm about halfway through Francis Foucachon's Food For Thought, which so far reads like Capon's classic Supper of the Lamb if that volume had been penned by a chef. That is to say, Foucachon's book is less lyrical, but more approachable. Capon was a pastor and theologian, while Foucachon has been a pastor and a chef. Maybe that means something.

Anyway, I'm thoroughly enjoying the volume so far, and I will be writing a complete review of the book shortly. The book is living up to its title, so that I have been inspired to make videos/blog posts out of several of the subjects Foucachon brings up.

In one section Foucachon talks about the place all five of the traditionally defined senses (taste, sight, smell, hearing, touch) have in regard to food. The section on touch really resonated with me, as it is something I have always been very sensitive to during meat and drink time. Because my wife is less sensitive to this, it is a constant source of unrest and concern in my life.

I threw this video up on my YouTube channel to talk about touch and food and drink. Before you watch it, I would like to emphasize that if anyone is an ass (i.e. precious, snobbish, pretentious) in this, it is I, and not the author of the book. This is me jumping off Foucachon's springboard. He is able to talk sensuality and beauty while being imminently pastoral, sympathetic, and approachable. Hopefully I do the same.