Game Review: Timeline by Asmodee

One of our favorite family games is a simple tabletop card game called Timeline, in which, you guessed it, players form a timeline. It's really that simple. You have a bunch of cards and you have to place them in the correct place relative to each other, one by one. You know that Discovery of Greenland by Europeans came before The Microscope, but does the discovery of 1st Tyrannosaurus Skeleton happen before or after Monet painted Impression, Sunrise? Get rid of your cards first, win the game.

That simple, that fun.

If you're a homeschooler, this is a great way to encourage that organic learning we love so well. Knowing dates is important, but not as important as learning when things happened relative to each other. This is historical knowledge well worth having.

Before you watch a video review starring my oldest lad, let me urge you to pick this game up from a local game shop, if at all possible. If you haven't visited a local shop, you're missing out. Freaks and geeks, my friend. You'll fit right in.