Working Too Much? Stressed? Consider Getting A Post-Birth Abortion

“As for post-birth abortion, I would imagine that my colleagues would think the ‘post-birth’ part was largely irrelevant, as we believe very strongly in abortion on demand, without apology, and it’s plain and simple that we should look to the woman’s morals and not shove our opinions where they, frankly, don’t belong.”

Read the story whence comes the quote here.

Post-birth abortion, i.e. slitting the throats of infants and five-year-olds and draining their blood into the bronze bowls of the gods of convenience, is justified on the grounds that infants and five-year-olds are not self-aware. People with Down's Syndrome or dementia are, of course, unselfaware and inconvenient as well, so they could get the same treatment.

Here are a couple of candidates for post-birth abortion I know. Well, I suppose I'm the candidate. These are the humans I engendered with a willing female. But circumstances change, you know.

Look at the stupid, vacuous look on the face of these juvenile humans. You can tell they haven't reached the self-awareness phase.

Here is a human transitioning from infant to juvenile. She appears to be pretending to be a mother, but this behavior is purely mimetic, and in no way reflects the spark of imagination. 

Finally, I would like to notify my father that when he does lose his mind I'm not going to be putting up with him. It will be better for me, I mean for both of us, if I slit his throat.

Is that cool, dad?


  1. After further consideration ...


  2. "Essentially, we ask for a woman (and her body) to be respected. Nothing more, nothing less.”

    I'm sorry, I thought babies' bodies were separate from their mother's once they are born? Am I missing something? I think I received an adequate education in life sciences and, while I don't remember everything, I'm pretty sure I remember seeing that there are at least TWO physical human beings after birth, whereas before there was only ONE.

    I fail to see how 'post-birth' abortion can POSSIBLY be considered a decision a woman makes in regards to HER body.

  3. Aliens. That's it. All pregnant women are temporary Time Lords because they have two hearts. But wait, that can't be right because a Time Lord like Doctor Who doesn't have 4 legs, 4 arms and 2 heads!

    What about that Hindu god with all the arms?

    I'm just so confused. With all the discussion and excuses and inability of senators to figure out when a baby is a baby, I propose to just go back to the stork delivery system. It's simple enough for the simpleminded to understand.


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