Two Things About Christians & Plagues

Well, people seemed to be settling down a bit about the whole ebola crisis thing (may I not come to rue those words). Nonetheless, the probability remains: if not ebola, some plague or another will strike us at some point. Plagues are a thing that come upon man, in all their horror, and Christians ought to think of how they'd behave if a plague were at our doorstep. Do not think that all our magics and sciences will save us, as great a blessing as they might often be.

I do not wish to oversimplify anyone's situation or responsibilities, but, speaking as the Christian father of five, I would like to lay out two simple facts two think about when facing plague, waste, pestilence, war, and persecution.

When a plague comes upon a city, Christians stay behind.

And when a plague comes upon a city, Christians are blamed.

What might this mean? For one, that when God's judgment comes upon a people, we don't get to blame the pagans. The example of our fathers is to take the brunt of God's judgment on ourselves, and intercede for and serve these others, even as they revile us.