Buy Your Little Daughter A Slutty Costume Today!

"Hoochieween Begins at Ten". This post made it into The Huffington Post today, where I saw it. But far be it from me to send you to HuffPo. Here's the link to the original post at Suburban Turmoil. It's mostly pictures like the one below, but you do learn some interesting things over there, such as the fact that someone actually makes and sells little French maid outfits for twelve-year-olds.

No surprises here, just wanted to depress you a little more. Here's Dorothy.


  1. Home made costumes it is then. This problem isn't exclusive to Halloween though. We didn't celebrate Halloween in South Africa. But we all hit a stage between about 10-13/14 where it was really hard to find appropriate clothes. But these Halloween costumes are just sick. I'm not in favour of "sexy" adult costumes. But for 10 year olds? Really?

    I really need to learn to sew before I become a mamma

  2. YUP! My favorite mockery of slutty costumes via College Humor. "Sexy mental patient!!!! ...and frog." (Language NSFW)


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