What To Do With Moral Dilemmas

False moral dilemmas just kill me. No, seriously, just kill me. Kill me and save your mom. We all know that's what you'd do if we were stuck on a desert island with me and your mother and you had to kill one of us so that the other two could live. Wait! No, you can't kill yourself. Now, what would you do?!

Wait...did I not tell you that your mom is a born-again-for-real Christian in this scenario and I'm not?

Yeah. How do you like them apples. Watch the video to see what I would do.

By the way, as you watch bear two things in mind: 1. my usual audience watches me talk and smoke a pipe at the same time, 2. there are women in South Korea who make a living eating on camera for guys to watch all day. So eating eight pieces of fried chicken while ranting isn't so weird. Right?