Survey of Religious Beliefs In Bodily Resurrection, U.S.A.

Great post by Mark Regnerus at First Things on Christian belief in a bodily resurrection amongst Americans. Head on over and read it. But if you do not, just take some time to look at this graphic he presented. Note two very interesting facts. First, Mormons have the strongest belief in a resurrection by far, and the kind of Christians that scare everybody (evangelicals, fundies, pentecostals) are next. Even so, 75% belief among regular attenders is a scandalously low, albeit unsurprsing, number. Second, liberal Protestants have a much higher rate of belief in resurrection than liberal Catholics, which tells us that liberal Protestants are less nominal than some conservatives might think..



  1. What is the difference between a fundamentalist protestant and an evangelical protestant?

    1. There is a big gray area there, and I don't know if the survey just identified certain denominations a certain way, or allowed interviewees to self-identify.

      I'd say the difference is that fundamentalists are often seeking a return to an imagined purer church, and have a focus on the authority of Scripture, often through a regulative principle lense. Evangelicals are less culturally conservative, and perhaps not as literalist when it comes to Scripture, but equally dedicated to Scripture as truth.

      That's a really incomplete answer, and you can be both at the same time.


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