Review of Tom Eltang Virginia

Danish pipe maker Tom Eltang has partnered with Smoking Pipes and Cornell & Diehl to launch four new tobaccos. This is part of Cornell & Diehl's new identity reflecting a new ownership group. You can find reviews of their new Cellar series here and here on my site. I have all four of the Tom Eltang tobaccos, and will review them on this here. The first is the Tom Eltang Virginia.

The Virginia is a very straightforward red Virginia and burley blend. The tin gives off a very strong classic red Virginia scent, that pepper vinegar-Tabasco-ketchup craziness that cures our ills. The smoke itself is much more impacted by the burley than the aroma is. While not enough to overpower the tobacco, the burley ensures that the blend doesn't become dangerously ambitious (don't worry, not all the Eltangs are as straightforward as this one). It's very woodsy, campfirey without being acrid, with just a touch of the salt air that emerges from Virginia-dominant blends like Stokkebye Navy Flake.

A really nice smoke, but not one to blow you away. But then again, not designed to blow you away. Recommended.

Reviews of the Tom Eltang Mixture, English, and Sweet & Mellow to follow over the next few days. Happy puffing!

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  1. Nice review, looking forward to the rest of this line of tobaccos.


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