Proof Women Don't Understand Men

Are men simply women with adorably idiosyncratic tastes for beer and meat? Or are they men?

Consider this the proof that men are as inscrutable to women as women are famously inscrutable to men.

Behold this image from a post on a "beer mug" chocolate cake (recipe here). All well and good, I suppose. I mean, the ladies do enjoy a novelty cupcake every now and then. I'm not a fan of cake, or of chocolate, as my wife can attest.

The proof that women don't understand men? The Pinterest post I found this at. She said "the guys at work would love this." Oh, woman. The guys at work would not love this. Not anymore than they might enjoy any other fondant-coated cake. In fact, probably less. After all, it looks a little like beer, but it's not beer!!! 

Come on now. Men heart beer. Men do not heart cupcakes. Making this specifically for men would simply serve to mock and provoke. Maybe just bring the guys from work some sausage biscuits from Hardee's. Much more likely to do the trick.


  1. I like beer and I like cake, but I don't feel any need to associate them. Cakes that look like other things are interesting from an artistic stand point, but that doesn't mean I want to eat one.


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