Out Tomorrow: The Finest E-Book On Christian Pipe Smoking Ever Written

Update: the book is now available here.

Available tomorrow (Friday 9/26) at Kuyperian Commentary is this beautiful minor opus which I recommend to you: Christian Pipe Smoking: An Introduction to Holy Incense. Available, for now at least, as an e-book only.

It is but a booklet, some twenty-five pages, but each page will delight the Christian pipe smoker, enlighten his heathen fellow-enthusiast, crush the ambitions of the heathen teetotaler, and soften the heart of the Christian abstainer. All four of these good things are guaranteed to happen if you but promise to go onto your porch tomorrow with your pad or other device, light your pipe, and visit Amazon.

Tomorrow I will give you the information you need to get hold of this marvelous booklet. For now, dear brother, smoke in cool hope of things to come, knowing that your vindication is nigh.

And before I pile on any more high-flown rhetoric, I leave you. Keep that holy incense lit until tomorrow.


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