Consider This First Step In Breaking Porn Addiction

A pastor friend of mine posted a link to this article and podcast on the epidemic of pornography in our society and among Christians. It's worth your while to click on the link, but really what I wanted to share was how this pastor shared the link in the first place. Here's a screen cap of his post.

What a gracious and brilliant idea, which immediately resonated with my experience. During our first year of marriage, when we teetered on the edge of divorce, we did not really begin to make any progress until I spoke to my pastor. Confessing something like addiction to pornography to your wife would be very difficult; confessing it to a friend would not be particularly useful. Confessing it to a man who has authority over you could be an effective way to bring about real submission to God's grace. "Confess your sin (we will help you confess it to your wife)." Great stuff.

Thanks, pastor! And thanks, pastors. God bless you.


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