Why Spanish Is So Hard: Qué difícil es hablar el español!

It is so hard to speak Spanish. I mean, unless you want to learn Mexican Spanish or Peruvian Castilian or Spanish Castilian. These Colombian brothers have written a melancholy lay for two guitars explaining the difficulties and differences in understanding the several Spanishes. And this is not even to mention Galician.

I'm going to share this with all my students from here on out.



  1. I think the same thing is common, though probably to a lesser extent, in most languages that are spoken across a wide variety of regions. I for example, having grown up on the west coast, found that the first time I went to rural Tennessee I had difficulty understanding half of what the locals said through their thick accents. Similarly, I've known plenty of people with stories about humorous misunderstandings from when they traveled to England and encountered words and phrases with very different meanings.

    Language in general is just a really funny thing.


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