Megachurch Sermon Series: God Is Like A Drone

God and drones both have Hellfires.

Nationally known megachurch pastor Ed Young has been preaching this month on God, who is like drones in that he is always watching us and knows all our secrets. Also like drones, if we plot against him God zaps us with Hellfire missiles without due process.

Here is how God sees us: God's in an Air Force Base in Mississippi, and we're insurgents in Afghanistan. We're a bunch of soundless pixels offending him. He sends Hellfire. Story over. Do I have my theology right?

Aw, I'm being mean. Of course God doesn't only send Hellfire. Sometimes he decides we're not a threat and he doesn't zap us. But he doesn't come down to our level. Because he's a flying warspying robot.


  1. I didn't know about Ed Young. I drive past the Second Baptist Church every day, and am usually afforded -- due to traffic -- a prolonged preview of this Sunday's sermon topic: "Evil Packaged" (whatever that means).


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