Joffre The Giant Patreon Campaign

All right, sweet babies. I've launched a campaign on Patreon and I want you to know all about it, not only the whys but the wherefores as well.

Patreon is like on ongoing Kickstarter fund, but instead of donating a larger sum toward a large project, you are agreeing to support the artist's general work on a regular basis with a smaller amount. As in, you could choose to give me $2 a month and I'd be super-grateful to have the support.

I am going to continue to blog and vlog whether you choose to be a patron or not. There's no "paid content". So no worries there. It's about whether you want to sponsor me to create more and better Joffre The Giant stuff.

For those of you who know that I'm trying to move my family to Brazil, this is a step toward that. As always, you can support our ministry directly at our website or at Helping Hands Ministries (under category "Missionaries"). But Patreon will provide a way for me to be a tent-maker. At least, kinda. I can take the "trade" of vlogging and blogging from here to there to support the family. So if you've been thinking of supporting our mission this might be the way to do it, especially if you enjoy Joffre The Giant.

Please take time to check out the campaign. Or simply click here if you already know you'd like to contribute.